These photographs of 'The Blushing Bar', a vibrant pink circular bar which took pride of place at the Wallpaper* Handmade X: With Love exhibition, were commissioned by the American Hardwood Export Council.

Designed by architects Chan + Eayrs and made out of red oak by Sebastian Cox, this significant piece has been created to answer the brief of X set by the team at the magazine to celebrate 10 years of its showcase in Milan.

The ‘Blushing Bar’ is composed of 10 modules intended for making cocktails (water, alcohol, fruit, herbs, holders, ice, cutting, glass, sodas, washbasin), each of which form a variation of a curved sculpted element. All connect to form a circular bar and will be on show from 9-13 April at Salone dei Tessuti.

"We interpreted X as both ‘10’, for Wallpaper* Handmade’s 10th anniversary, but also a kiss for love, hence the name and colour of the bar. Love makes one blush and the heart pound; increasing blood circulation through the body through our veins," says Merlin Eayrs. "Red oak has a pinkish flesh-like hue, and a porous nature which has capillaries/veins so open you can blow through a short section. These wood veins have been pumped through with deep pink dye by Sebastian Cox, like blood-filled veins through love-struck flesh."

Zoe Chan adds: "The bar is a place of connection, a focal point for coming together. It feels very personal, much like the projects we tend to take on."

Text by Tora Baker at