'#DBACE2017' Deutsche Bank


DBACE17 is a branded content film we made to promote an annual competition for arts graduates in the UK called the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise or DBACE.

After participating in the 2016 edition and winning the runner up prize in the Film category, my business partners at Shakehaus and I used our relationship with the marketing team behind the competition to create an opportunity to pitch a video idea. The film was designed as an atmospheric, informative and inspiring call to action for arts graduates. We wanted potential applicants to feel compelled to participate. Our collective aim was to communicate on behalf of Deutsche Bank: “We know who you are and what you aspire to. We know your struggles and we are here to help.” The film was distributed via email to university students across the UK and helped the DBACE team to achieve a 50% increase in applicants in 2017 compared to the previous year.

For the cinematography, we referenced gritty coming of age dramas such as Billy Elliot and 8 Mile. The majority of the video is set in the early hours of the day or late at night, so I designed and executed a variety of low key lighting setups for the interior locations using a lighting list that included a 150w Dedo kit and some Arri 1k and 650w fresnels. We scheduled our exterior location shoots around the golden hour as we did not have the budget to light any of our exteriors. For the theatre shots, we scouted for a location with an appropriate lighting rig pre-installed and experimented with the board until we got the mood we wanted. We shot everything handheld/on the shoulder using the Sony FS7 and a series of vintage Nikon prime lenses to enhance the gritty feel we wanted.

Client: Deutsche Bank
Creative Agency/Production Co: Shakehaus
Director/Editor: Josefa Celestin
Producer: Margarita Veberaite
Director of Photography: Fraser Stephen
Costume/Production Design: Nazia Mohammad
MUA: Jenna Clayton
1st AD: Mia Gutierrez Maxwell
Focus Puller: Laura Shand
Cast: Shaun Stickland, Ryoko Tamura, Christine Koudreiko

Tags: DoP Cinematographer Cinematography Camera Operator London Scotland Brand Film