Farewells (Directed by Janine Koppe)


In 'Farewells', unresolved tensions resurface during a family gathering with a dark twist. The film has had a good run across various festivals since July 2018 and received a lot of love, in particular from the team at London-based Sunday Shorts. It won their Jury Award in September 2018 and was recognised as Best Comedy in their annual awards ceremony in June 2019. The film is now available on the Sunday Shorts Vimeo channel. Here's a link: https://vimeo.com/channels/sundayshorts

Executive Producer Danny Jooksch
Writer/Producer/Director Janine Koppe

Starring Jodie Jameson, Anne Downie, Jamie-Jo Davran, Paul Comrie, Sharon Osdin, Tony Greengrass

Cinematographer Fraser Stephen
Production Designer Laura Rushton
Editor Vito Milazzo

Hair Stylist/Make Up Artist Jenna Clayton
Make Up Artist Gemma Korn

Assistant Director/Script Supervisor Demi Sutherland
Assistant Camera Hannes Johansson

Sound Editor Danjeli Schembri
Sound Editor Jeffrey R Whitcher

Colorist Stephen C Horne

PA Asib Akram
PA Alan Hill