Fashion Editorial: Second Hand Still Grand


Olivia Bossert: “Growing up in Switzerland, I was pretty much surrounded by luxury. I went to quite a special school (The International School of Geneva) with people from all around the world. It’s only after leaving that place that I realised how lucky I was to go to such a forward thinking school, and have friends with people from such vast different cultures. However, it was also a very wealthy school. Being private, it was always going to be, but there was definitely a lot of money flying around. It was quite normal for girls to have a Louis Vuitton bag as their school bag (not for me though, I should add). One girl even had a body guard with her at all times (her father was i believe the ambassador of the USA to Switzerland).

Pair that with my dad who worked in the luxury jewellery industry, I’ve always been very aware of “brands.” That being said, I’ve also always been aware of how much these things cost. I never had luxury brands myself as a teen… until my mum and I discovered a small vintage shop in a village near us. This shop was like a treasure trove of discarded luxury items, being sold for pennies! I guess that’s a perk of living in an area where people have a lot of money - they buy things, use them a few times, and then sell or pass them on.
My mum and I would go into this shop every couple of months, and spend a good few hours digging through the rails, looking for what we could find. Please bear in mind that in Switzerland, Charity Shops aren’t a “thing.” They don’t exist (so when I moved to the UK and realised that they were everywhere, I was pretty stoked). That shop was where my love for vintage shopping really began. Suddenly I realised that I could own very beautiful, luxurious, expensive looking items…. I just had to buy them second hand!

My love for second hand shopping hasn’t ever gone away, it was just silenced for a couple of years (Cornwall doesn’t have the best second hand shopping….), but since spending so much more time in London, it’s been 100% revived. I lived in Wimbledon for a few months last summer, and let me tell you, the charity shops in Wimbledon Village are EXCEPTIONAL.

The reason for this whole story? It inspired this editorial. In the last year and a half, talk about second hand shopping has grown ten fold, due to the fashion industry’s impact on the planet. Putting two and two together, I decided to shoot this editorial using nothing but second hand vintage clothing, all sourced by my amazing stylist, Daisy Jordan. It was hard work, but we managed, and honestly the day could not have done better. Shot on Portobello Road in Notting Hill (possibly my favourite place to shop second hand), everything on the day truly fell into place, and unless you read the small print, or knew the story behind the editorial, would you really know that these clothes were not the current items on sale? I don’t think so!"

Creative director and Photographer: Olivia Bossert
Make up: Abigail Lemar
Hair: Luke Hopkins
Model: Claudia Gould at M and P Models
Cinematography and edit: Fraser Stephen

Tags: Cinematography Fashion Editorial